graphic art and motion graphics


...the complex topic of color is one of my key competences. Creating custom color schemes in constant search for perfect harmony, or harmonious perfection? Contemplating the japanese wabi-sabi concept of imperfection, modesty and incompleteness. Based on a profound interest in architectural, historic, or science based color systems like those of Le Corbusier, Faber Birren, or the usage of color in prehistoric times as well as cultural aspects and aspects of color psychology, I have a solid knowledge of the technical facets of color in the design process. Analogous, complementary, monochromatic, triad, shades, CMYK, RGB, HLS, hexadecimal color code, beeing some of the keywords that are part of a hands-on knowledge of designing with color and an awareness of potential challenges during production processes in printing and on screen design. Leaving further questions concerning accessibility and sustainability that I consider a future project for study.

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