graphic art and motion graphics

visual concept

A few characteristic words sometimes activate a cascade of imagination and emotion. Or a specific color harmony that sets the tone leading towards a project's finalisation. A sort of playful openminded conversation of color, form, personalities and movements coming to a unanimous conclusion.

icon design

A system or even mathematical logic for a visual project, though seemingly a fine arts contradiction, is the kind of challenge I embrace and tackle early on to establish a solid project basis. Color, shape, analysis and logic are the main reagents in my conceptual lab.


My backbone. Ranging from visual identities and icon design to illustration, collage techniques and animated photomontage I pursue customized approaches for each of my clients and their projects. I enjoy the slightly surreal aspects of assembling adverse items into a fresh and visually curious context.

motion graphics

With a major in animated film from my studies at the Folkwang design program I started working on motion and animation in 2006 during my tenure at SWR - a TV and Radio Channel in Germany's Southwest; providing intertitles for many episodes of the German Comedian Matthias Richling's TV show. This was a fun and advancing experience at the same time.

stock images

Pop art style illustrations, icons and more of my vector art to be found on istockphoto and fotolia.

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